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Autumn 1991
Korea Rep.
  1. 2005

    Started coding. hackers looked cool.

  2. 2007

    Accepted by Korea_digital_media_high_school.Department of Web Programming.

  3. 2010

    Entered Kyunghee Univ.Department of Visual Communication Design.

  4. 2011

    Military duty at Airforce as a computer mechanic.Discharged at 2013.

  5. 2015

    Took off university, started entrepreneurialactivities. won several awards&prizes.

  6. 2018

    Started {Alice!} development.& working as a freelancer.

  7. 2022

    Released {Alice!} on Steam.

  1. Kyunghee Univ. Business incubation center.Entrepreneurship Academy.


  2. Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship DevelopmentCEO training camp.


  3. Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship DevelopmentDream CEO final contest Global track


  4. Korea Business incubation associationCreative ideas competition


  5. MIT-GSWelevator speech competition FINAL


  6. Lina insurance companyThe hidden hero hunts


  7. Alice! launching eventRaised 6,000$


  1. 📱 Can develop a RESTful website where people can Post, Register, Pay, Chat(realTime), Play with Canvas Animation&Physics.

  2. 🖼️ Trained Visual Design for 3years on Univ(now took off). Skilled at Adobe’s PS, AI. ID. Complete A piece.Can embody Those Designs directly to website without inter-processes.

  3. 🎮 Have 5-years of experience at UNITY.👾 Developed {Alice!}, developing Online TCG game.

  4. ⚡ Can build the connection between UNITY Client and NODEJs Multi-core-server through TCP, HTTPS Protocol.

  5. 🌩 Familiar with AWS’s EC2, S3, Cert Manager, Route 53, Cloudfront, Elastic Load Balancing.

  6. 💱 Have experience at Ethereum Contracts development.(Whole course of ICO, Airdrop, Dapp)

  7. 😾 Language Skill(Japanese) : Fluent [JLPT N1].🤑 Language Skill(English) : Intermediate.

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...She cooked 2453 dishes for {Alice!}...Best bet to contact with her should be â–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆ  and spicy chips...

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